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Dynamics, Economics, Econometrics, Policy, and Games:
Rigorous Environmental, Energy, Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Development Analysis and Research

Cornell University

Chinese automobile market

Supply, Demand, and the Effects of Government Policy in the Chinese Automobile Market.
Lead Speaker in Panel on Global Transportation Energy Demand.
Conference on Transportation, Economics, Energy, and the Environment. University of Michigan. October 2018.

Water conservation and management

Ethanol investment

Investment in corn-ethanol plants in the Midwestern United States: A structural econometric model of a dynamic game.
Statistical Methodology in the Social Sciences 2016.
University of California at Davis Institute for Social Sciences. October 2016.

Climate policy

Climate change policy: Dynamics, strategy, and the Kyoto Protocol.
Perspectives on the Climate Change Challenge Seminar.
Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. May 2020